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Infoschreiben an den Gesamtmittelbau in d/e/f

Infoschreiben an den Mittelbau der Universität Bern

The Intermediate Staff Association of the University of Bern, MVUB is the professional representation of all members of the Mittelbau at the University of Bern. Here you can find current information about our activities, event information and how you can participate.

MVUB Info spring 2024 (e) (PDF, 934KB)

Promotion Fund Calls

Piktorgamm Schlüsselbund

Promotion Fund

In cooperation with the Intermediate Staff Association of the University of Bern (Mittelbauvereinigung), the Vice-Rectorate Research calls for proposals to the Fund for the Promotion of Young Researchers twice a year. The fund aims to encourage networking activities of young researchers from doctoral study (PhD) level upwards. In an efficient und quick procedure, original and innovative ideas that strengthen independence and personal skills are financed with a max. of CHF 5,000.

Language Center

Language Center University of Bern

Do you need academic language skills in English for your studies or your PhD? Are you writing a scientific article in English and need support? Or would you like to learn German to integrate better? Do you want to learn how to give a presentation in German? If so, you are at the right place!



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