Intermediate Staff Association

About us

The MVUB is the professional representation for all intermediate staff members at the University of Bern. The MVUB represents, networks and supports you in your scientific and professional interests within and outside the university.

The MVUB represents the intermediate staff of the University of Bern and associated institutions in their scientific and professional interests vis-à-vis university and non-university bodies and authorities. We actively shape the university as an attractive and innovative place to work and conduct research. We see ourselves as a contact point and service center for intermediate staff. 

Who's part of the intermediate staff group? 

  • doctoral students (VAA)
  • post-docs (VAA)
  • research assistants (without tenure track) (VAA)
  • research assistants (with tenure track) (VDD)
  • assistant professors (with and without tenure track) (VDD)
  • private, associated and guest lecturers (VDD)
  • Academic staff at the Inselspital if they fulfill tasks that relate directly to the university

The MVUB members can be categorized into two groups: the section of the "assistants association" (Verband der Assistentinnen und Assistenten, VAA) and the section of the "lecturers association" (Verband der Dozentinnen und Dozenten, VDD). For each section, the MVUB board annually elects a representative as a MVUB co-president.