Intermediate Staff Association


As the professional representation of intermediate staff, we strive to ensure that as many members as possible have their interests represented as broadly as possible.

Individual Membership

Membership in the MVUB is open to all academic staff members who have completed their studies (diploma, licentiate/master's degree, state examination, etc.), provided they are employed by the University, or if they are employed by an institute of the University and are not regular faculty members. Membership is also open to doctoral candidates enrolled at the University of Bern as well as to post-doctoral candidates registered with a faculty without an employment relationship. Academic staff members of the Inselspital can become members if the tasks they perform are directly related to the university. 

MVUB Membership is free since the general assembly in 2022 has set the membership fee to CHF 0.

Your Benefits

The MVUB can support and encourage you as an intermediate staff member in your field of work. Members have the option to voice their opinions and enjoy various other benefits:

  • Reduced prices for intermediate staff specific events, courses and trainings
  • Free initial legal consultation for questions regarding your employment or research work at the University of Bern
  • Regular information about things relevant to intermediate staff through the MVUB newsletter
  • Take a seat in one of the universities committees or working groups, representing intermediate staff
  • Take part in the committee for the "Promotion Fund for Young Researchers"
  • Doctoral students have access to the SUB social fund, which offers financial support for students in emergency situations 
  • New: free application photo shoot for members only (usually once per semester)

Collective membership

The collective membership of the Intermediate staff association of the University of Bern (MVUB) provides a structurally secure link between faculty Mittelbau representation and the university level.

The advantages for the faculty

  • The faculty (also: department, institute, centre) receives one vote at the general meeting as a collective member. The voting right is exercised by the registered contact person.
  • If desired, the registered contact person can take a seat on the MVUB board and receives voting rights there.
  • The contact person receives the exclusive MVUB newsletter. This person is responsible for the distribution within the faculty.
  • The MVUB Board officially confirms the contact person of the collective member in an ordinary Board meeting. Subsequently, the contact person receives a confirmation from the MVUB office.

Free legal advice is only available to individual members. Members of the Intermediate staff can be individual as well as collective members at the same time. Changes of contact persons must be reported to the following e-mail address:



Contact persons collective membership
Name Represents Faculty / Department / Institute / Center Faculty
André Stephany Faculty of Theology Faculty of Theology
Julian Marbach (Dep. Noel Stucki) Department of Public Law Faculty of Law
Maja Hegemann, Jule Ksinsik KPM Center for Public Management Faculty of Business, Economics an Social Sciences
Bernhard Voelkl Department of Clinical Research and Veterinary Public Health (DCR-VPH) Vetsuisse Faculty
Sabine Karlen (Dep. Sofie Aeschlimann) Faculty of Humanities Faculty of Humanities
Pierre Lüssi Department of Social Sciences Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
Regula Neuenschwander Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Human Sciences
Leyla Gilgen Departement of Economics
Faculty of Business, Economics and Social Sciences
Ottavia Cima (Dep. Mirko Winkel) Institute of Geography Faculty of Science
Sarah Teworte Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences Faculty of Science
Ninoska Friedli Data Science Lab University of Bern