Intermediate Staff Association


The MVUB supports you in various requests. We help you directly or help you find the right point of contact.

The MVUB is a point of contact for various intermediate staff concerns and arranges the provision of the university's multifaceted support for intermediate staff members. It provides an overview of places within the university where help can be found for questions, such as those pertaining to e.g. a labor dispute.

  • Support with systematic analysis and processing of your inquiries
  • Guiding to other points of contact and clarification of responsibility
  • Intermediate staff specific advice: support for intermediate staff organisations within faculties and centres, so they can organize themselves
  • Commission and committee specific advice: collection of higher education policy issues and coordination with the intermediate staff representatives in university commissions

Your inquiries and questions will always be treated confidentially.
Unfortunately we cannot take calls with suppressed numbers.

Please get in touch with the MVUB office manager, Sandra Zumbrunn: