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Newsletter June 2024

About us

The MVUB celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2024. For this reason, various activities are planned throughout the year. You can find an overview on our anniversary website:
Latest News: MVUB Anniversary - Intermediate Staff Association(

Save the date: Party in the Stellwerk for all intermediate staff employees on 31.10.2024 from 18:00

The MVUB invites all members of the intermediate staff association of the University of Bern to an anniversary party at the Stellwerk (bar/club). Music and snacks will be provided.


We were particularly pleased with the quote from Monika Kugemann in Uniaktuell on 28.02.2024:
"Why are you conducting your research at the University of Bern?
I came to Bern because here at the institute I have both the theoretical foundations and a direct link to experimental neuroscience. Although I arrived during the pandemic, I had a very good start and was able to build up a good network with other postdocs - also through the university's intermediate staff association." Uniaktuell, Text: Monika Kugemann February 28, 2024 Interview with Katharina Wilmes  Understanding how the brain learns (


Fotoshooting for Members
On 18.06.2024 from 16:00-19:00 there will be another free photoshoot for our members. Further information and registration will follow soon via direct mail.

More Events

Research Data Management
Knowing how to organize and manage research data is one of the most important prerequisites for ensuring the quality, security, durability, and reproducibility of research data, both during a research project and in long-term. We advise, support individually and in groups through workshops and events around open research data and open science. If you have any questions about research data management and data management plans, please contact us via E-Mail:
Services: Research Data Management - University Library of Bern UB (

Intermediate staff and digital transformation - develop, promote, network
On June 10, 2024, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., the Mittelbau Forum focus group will be holding a networking event entitled "Mittelbau in digital transformation - develop, promote, network" followed by an aperitif to promote exchange among intermediate staff members. Anyone who would like to find out about previous projects and get to know other interested parties at the university in the context of digitalization in the mid-level faculty is cordially invited. Program and registration information can be found here:


MVUB is expanding its advisory services for its members in 2024. In addition to free legal advice, we are now offering conflict advice and a silent advisory service for discussions with the ombudsman's office. The services are limited to events in the working context of the University of Bern. Please note: The MVUB does not take an active role in conflicts.Support: Conflicts at work - Intermediate Staff Assocation (

Calls / Grants / Preise

Forum Mittelbau, Digitalisierungskommission: Digitalization: Call for Projects open for members of the intermediate staff of the University of Bern
Receive up to CHF 20'000 for an innovative project related to digitalization. Deadline: Sept. 20, 2024

MVUB care allowance
Handbook: Funding - Intermediate staff association (

News Flash 

ERC Advanced Grants 2024 - transitional arrangements
In March, the transitional regulation for Horizon Europe for 2024 came into force. Researchersfrom Switzerland can therefore participate in the calls for proposals for the ERC Advanced Grants 2024.
SERI, current status: Horizon-Paket 2021–2027 (

Horizon package: The Federal Council finances transitional measures in 2024
On 10 April 2024, the Federal Council approved transitional measures for the 2024 calls for proposals of the 2021-2027 Horizon package (Horizon Europe, Euratom program, ITER and Digital Europe program). It intends to finance these with a maximum of CHF 650 million. The funds allocated by Parliament at the end of 2020 for Switzerland's participation in the Horizon package will be used for this purpose. The Federal Council's goal remains to join the Horizon package as quickly as possible.


BR -  Promoting young scientists: further measures are necessary
BR - Promotion of young academics: further measures are needed
Bern, 27.03.2024 - On March 27, the Federal Council approved the report "For equal opportunities and the promotion of young academics". According to the Federal Council, further efforts are needed to further improve the career paths of young academics.
Horizons: Professor at any price? Fact-checking myths about academic careers.
Where do all the students go? - Horizonte (

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